Photo By: Bart Herreman

CEDES is a craft company established in 2009. Despite the recent foundation, the company has over thirty years of experience in the luxury sector and in the high quality manufacture.The corporate business is dedicated to manufacturing natural products which are shared in different categories, such as travel accessories, personal care products and home accessories. All the products are 100% handmade piece by piece in our atelier thanks to the care and passion of our craftsmen.
The company facilities, including a showroom, are located in Milan, 26 Morimondo Street, in the Navigli historical area which formerly hosted the Richard Ginori manufacturing plant, which has been turned recently into a multipurpose – arts and crafts centre. An additional space, dedicated to the leather manufacture, is situated close to the main facility.
Our premises are bright, clean and airy and if someone wishes to visit them, they will certainly enjoy it, just like the people who work here. Our space is open to all the people who appreciate quality products and are interested in understanding the manufacturing process.

We use complex materials that require experience and care to be manufactured. The surface of a horn, a piece of bamboo or a detail made of exotic wood are changeable elements and their structure can change according to the temperature and the humidity level of the environment. It takes years of practice to build confidence and skills, and in spite of this, the manufacturing process has always to be carried out with the utmost care. We aim at creating long lasting products, able to stand the elapsing of time: things to love, to maintain (even repair, if necessary) and to preserve, as a tribute to those who created them first and then to those who bought them. We supervise the creation of every single item, straight in our workroom. Extremely skilled craftsmen carry out all the manufacturing procedures we are unable to perform. They have been working on our behalf for years, developing their mastery increasingly. The product design takes place while working in our workroom, according to our taste: in each project, originality and feasibility are coupled with the craftsmen’s manual skills, without forgetting elegance. We are inspired by our wide-ranging yet refined customers, in constant search for unique objects. We listen to our customers’ suggestions and requirements and we do our best to satisfy them.

We think that the quality of a product is influenced by two main factors: the intrinsic value of the raw material and the accuracy of the manufacturing process. For this reason, unlike current trends, product branding is not essential for us: we prefer that our products are appreciated for their real qualities. Our products are sold mainly through retailers, but also through some well-known international e-commerce websites. We are proud to cooperate with some of the most famous fashion designers, proposing, designing and producing some accessories which are sold under their own brand name.